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Welcome JustBet Token

The JB token is a multichain token that is widely used on the BSC Smartchain network and can be bet and paid for playing games.

What is JBToken?

JBToken is the future crypto casino for token series and gambling site to be listed on the BinanceSmartChain chain. JB will provide a high value betting experience and will also provide the opportunity to explore some of the other casino games. All of these games are uniquely created by our own team, but there will also be some of your favorite classic slot games available on the platform. JBToken is the first in a series of projects to be launched in the future. We strongly believe that we can use the hype of JBToken with our platform and products in 2022 to promote the brand and develop it over time. Our goal is to be a direct competitor to betting and make our tokens #1 on the binancesmartchain chain, making utility tokens to pay for games and be usable across multiple mechanisms we have outlined. Join us on this journey and have fun while doing it.
Last modified 1yr ago